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Tantric Session – For Women Only

This will be a journey into the invisible realms, weaving a new fabric of reality into being. We will create a bridge of healing energies, through the hidden world, into our tangible realm.

We do this work by performing ceremony.

The power of ceremony is that it creates change.

In Tantric massage, we will combine sexual energy with traditional massage techniques. The idea behind Tantra massage is to awaken the seven energy centers known as chakras. These energy centers are located along the spine, and I will attempt to align these to release the energy stored within. This will allow blocked energy to unravel and flow throughout the body, starting at the base of the spine and rising throughout the rest of the body.

The session is not about sex, but rather it is about sexual nature. I strive to create space to discuss and experience sexuality, to increase understanding of sexual desire, and to bring normality to sexual expression through invigorating and healing touch.


Above all, understand that this will be a SPIRITUAL experience. Our physical bodies are simply the gateway that we have been given to access the divine, eternal, related spark inside each of us.

I will bring music to bathe ourselves in soul tuned, healing music in 432 tuning.

Our senses will be heightened with sacred aromas of organic incense from India that I will bring.

Our presence will be accented with beautiful, healing candles that we can set up in your favorite spot.

Bathing Ceremony

Imagine yourself being disrobed within the soft glow of scented candlelight; helped into a rose petal covered bath.

Using a variety of soaps, scented oils, sponges, techniques and touches, your body will be caressed and relaxed. Soft hands and adept fingers will move about and caress every minute part of your physical being, massaging your head and temples, neck, shoulders, ever further down to your most sensitive area. Even your feet and toes will not escape attention.

The warm water will melt away your stress and relieve your anxiety. In time you will begin to think only of the sacred space you and I will soon be sharing. You will begin to feel an inner glow.

Your freshened body is gently dried with fluffy warm towels, knowing that you are only beginning your adventure.

Chakra Balancing

In order to be healthy your Chakras must be balanced in 3 ways:

  1. The front and rear aspect of each Chakra must have the same amount of energy flow
  2. The left side of each Chakra must be balanced with its right side
  3. You must have an overall balance of energy flow between feelings, will, and reason in your whole Chakra system

Chakra Blockage

The seven chakras are vital to the health of the body, mind and spirit, allowing energy to flow naturally through us. When they become blocked, the energy flow is affected, and our spiritual and physical health can be affected.

Any one of them may fall out of balance, causing physical or emotional issues as the body, spirit and subtle body are affected, and will need to be rebalanced or healed in order to regain a healthy condition.

Wellness, health, tantra, session, ecstasy, SDTantra

Chakra Balancing Ceremony

Healing the Chakra system is not a simple task. It is, however, a simple journey.

The first place to start in healing, is the breath, the foundation of your life here on this plane. Breathing deeply, from the belly, begins the process. Breath equals life, so you want as much of it as possible. Breath deeply!! It’s free, and ultimately beneficial.

Next, we will concentrate on the energy side of our beings.

You might have heard the idea that our bodies are electrically based.

We will practice the art of creating and moving energy.

First, the entire ceremony will be bathed in the most cutting edge energy technology known on earth today, called PEMF, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields Technology. This technology serves to recharge the battery of every single cell in the body.

Then, we will use Reikki energy techniques to move the existing energy, around to different chakra areas, to ensure a balance between the 7 energy centers.

The top three chakras have to do with spirit. Male. Singular.

The bottom three chakras have to do with body. Female. Multiple.

The heart chakra is where they both meet, and need to be in balance, in order to create a feeling of well being.

Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage is the energetic and healing bodywork that will take you into the tantric dimension of your sexuality and spirituality.

We will be combining sacred practices and conscious touch that induces intense pleasure. You will experience a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and with your future partners. I lovingly guide you on how to surrender into powerful orgasmic states.

There is an alchemical nature of touch that is profoundly healing. It supports you in releasing tensions, stuck energy, negative emotions and restlessness of the mind. The healing nature of Tantric Massage cannot be understated, it has the ability to reach and release blockages that in many cases we are not even consciously aware of.

From your sexuality to your consciousness, I will hold you in a safe, nurturing and loving space. To establish a deep heartfelt and energetic connection, I guide you through Tantric practices such as meditation, transfiguration, soul gazing, consecration, ritual and intention as part of the session. I use sensual and erotic touch in combination with Taoist modalities, energy work, deep tissue, stretching, grounding touch, reflexology and acupressure to open up your body and heart, clear physical, energetic and emotional blockages and move energy.

When appropriate the beautiful, powerful practice of yoni and/or sacred spot massage may be included. This is agreed upon before the start of the session and consent is revisited before it commences.

Although very possible, there is no guarantee that full body energetic orgasms will take place in the first tantra massage session and greatly depends on lifestyle. A clean diet, yoga and meditation practice greatly supports the results. It may take several sessions for some to achieve higher states of their orgasmic potential.

Wellness, health, tantra, session, ecstasy, SDTantra

Body De-armouring

De-armouring is a term used in body work that uses pressure points and energy work to releases emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages, and pain from the body. The “armor” is released in a healthy, loving and a safe way.

This armor can hinder life-force energy as well as sexual energy from flowing freely throughout the body. Armor hardens and desensitizes the physical body and can keep unprocessed or “negative” emotions locked inside which clouds the mind and makes it difficult to navigate through life harmoniously.

De-armouring, in a sense, helps to create more “space” in your body and mind so there is more room for you, your spirit. People feel more liberated both physically and emotionally after the releases that take place through this practice.

Tantra Puja

Tantra Puja – The Art of Adoration is a sacred ancient ritual. It is a beautiful heart felt ceremony of honoring and adoring the divine or God/Goddess that exists within each of us. It brings us into a profound space of connection and universal love.

You will be lovingly guided and whether you are in the roll of giver or receiver, each will benefit from the profound gifts of presence, reflection, vulnerability, heart opening, connection, bonding and unconditional love.

There is a healing that takes place where you learn to love yourself even more in this ceremony. Learn the art of giving without the need to receive anything in return. The giver will be fulfilled by their own giving. The receiver lets go of the pull of immediately needing or feeling they they need to give back because of not being able to fully, unabashedly, with no limitation – receive.


I do not have a commercial storefront or office location. I work from my home. If this is not a problem for you, and you need me to host our session, then you are welcomed here. I’m in the Normal Heights neighborhood, near the intersections of 1-8 and I-805 or I-15.


I am mobile and can bring candles, incense, oils, music, PEMF, chakra tapestry and towels to your location.

My passport is current as I’m available for international sessions, retreats, conferences, etc.

If coming to visit me, I will personally pick you up at San Diego Airport (no taxi rides for a visiting goddess!!!)


I’m here for you, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


A session typically goes from 1 to 4 hours. Marathon sessions are known to randomly manifest spontaneously.

Schedule your healing session here.

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