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Contemporary Tantric masseur’s currently charge between $200 and $400 per session ($375 is typical), cash in advance.

My mission here is not financial gain – I charge no upfront fee.

I will never ask for a donation or contribution.

If, however, you feel lead to give a love offering, it will be deeply appreciated.

My mission here is two fold:

  • learn, as quickly as possible, what your deepest needs are, so I can help in the most effective ways I possibly can.
  • give back to the universe, via your heavenly presence, for the incredible life that I have been granted, so far.

In the event that you determine that your session had no value, then I would not accept a red cent from you!!!!!! On the other hand, a life changing experience, you may feel is priceless!!

You alone will determine the value of this encounter. It’s really between you, and the universal master that YOU answer to.

Also, professional, complimentary exchanges are encouraged and welcomed.

Now, the only question remaining is, when would you like to schedule a session?

Send a note, call or text here. This service is for women only.

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