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Men’s Tantra Counseling and Training

Traditionally, older men of the tribe would teach the younger men about sexuality and the sexual culture of the group.

I accept, and welcome the responsibility to pass on my experience and training, to other men.

How can my brothers benefit by working with me..?

To begin, getting in touch with emotions leads to a reduction in stress.

This work helps men to understand that a stress response is natural in situations when we are challenged. Having strong emotional intelligence can help us control stress by recognising what our reaction is, and what it’s caused by. I have found myself much more relaxed, and able to cope with periods of increased pressure in my work situation, since doing this work.

Studies show that emotional intelligence is responsible for 58% of performance at work and that 90% of top performers rank high in this measure.

Connection with others leads to a sense of community often lacking in men over a certain age.

A recent YouGov survey found that 19% of men over 55 felt they had no-one with whom to discuss serious topics. Apart from the connections they make with women, this work will bring better authentic relationships with other men who can then become a support network of friends.

I have made a lot of very beautiful friendships through my work here.

Better sex

Understanding your body, and what feels good, with acceptance of pleasure, without any judgement or filters, can allow for a much deeper sense of completion in men, and a far deeper intimacy with a partner. When you learn how to communicate these discoveries to women, in bed, they will melt and blossom!


Dance into a sense of playfulness and find ways to enjoy time without resorting to alcohol, drugs or other addictions.


Your love offering of $80 gets a one hour session to transform your life into becoming the man you know you can become. Contact me here to set up a time to meet.

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