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I am a passionate Tantric student and teacher

Tantra is a set of ancient teachings that elevate life in general from a purely physical existence, to combining mind, body and spirit together into a cosmic powerhouse of a human being.


Tantra is often described as ‘woven together’. The idea is the metaphor of weaving man and woman together through the physical body. It also relates to the concept of weaving together the physical and the spiritual.

Tantra uses the breath, as do other yogic practices, to engage mindfulness. It allows for a heightened awareness of both partners’ emotional and spiritual states during their time together.

Tantra also embodies the metaphor of weaving the human to the divine. The practice is meant to allow couples to become one with the god-state, the act of love likened to worshiping your lover as your temple.

The art of tantra inspires a sacred bond, by heightening intimacy to a divine level.

Tantra is the practice of expanding our energy, and then learning to move it around, for our own benefit.

Tantra also increases awareness of our body, and our spiritual connection to the physical world.

My calling is to hold a safe space for you to explore and understand the magnificent and transcendent potential of you as a complete and whole being.

I will honor you with the touch of pure, loving presence, to empower you to discover new realities about yourself.

Learning to identify, and ask for what you desire is the beginning of an amazing awareness. From now on, my phone is your fantasy hotline.


Russell Dow closeup, SDTantra

I’m a French-Parisian blooded, born inquisitive in the US midwest, then moved to San Diego over 20 years ago.  

I’ve been learning, practicing and teaching the life changing beauty of Tantra since 2011.

I look forward to learning, practicing and being taught, with you.

Russell Dow

Author . Energy Healer .  Entrepreneur .  Naturalist . Researcher .  Tantra Masseur/Student/Teacher

Tantra is deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the divine author of creation.

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Jennifer, Simply Divine, San Diego, Tantra, SDTantra

I had never had a tantra massage before, and did not know what to expect. I only knew that I wanted to immerse myself into the experience as deeply as possible. My goal was to challenge my “comfort zone” and not be held back by old excuses. Russ helped me me do this, and so much more. He helped me break through mental, physical and sexual barriers and blockages that had been lingering for many years.

Jennifer S.
Life Coach
La Jolla, California

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