Hardwiring VS Programming

Decisions are never made from the mind. This is why everybody’s life is a mess, because they’re trying to use their minds to make decisions. The mind was never intended to make any decisions, ever.

 Only people that have a mind that were never instructed what a mind is for even attempt that feat because it’s impossible. 

This is the reason why everybody’s in a mess here on this plane, they’re doing everything backwards. And struggling. 

In other words, 88 days before you were born, the Mother put,- it hardwired into your body what your life was to be about.  That hardwiring is what you’re intended to live your life in alignment with. But now when you were born – 88 days later, your mind came into existence. But it was borrowed. It wasn’t a part of you originally. So, everything that’s in your mind, you got it from ; parents, religion, school, propaganda, lies, commercials, the medical industry, the political propaganda- that’s what your mind is made of.

But nothing in that mind that they gave you has your best interest at heart.

It’s actually a suicidal mind that has been given to everyone, and they have accepted it.

 Because anytime that you have a brain and all that stuff, if you leave your body, and stop listening to your body which is connected to the Mother, especially for you women –  you came to the plane to represent the mother and to embody that frequency, so that love would be present down here. But that’s a feminine energy. What happened is that everybody came here, got twisted up, and the women decided that they would rather be men than women. Now we only have male energy running around here. And most of the women unconsciously pattern themselves after psychotic, sick male energy. They never even decided to find intelligent, conscious, spiritual men to mimic, they chose the worst element of man to mimic. Greedy, selfish, controlling, murdering. You go and give your life force and your energy to that kind of a situation..  what were women thinking? what were the men thinking to condone for the women to even go do that? It just tore the community apart.

This article originally published at https://www.atantriclife.org/news/2017/6/26/the-mind-was-never-intended-to-make-any-decisions

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