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Discovering Divine Feminine

Tantra is the ancient art and science of combining physical sexuality, with divine and eternal spirit. This elevation of awareness results in pleasure, combined with satisfaction, and overall health and wellness for those who practice it.

The western culture we live in does everything it can to keep these beautiful truths hidden away from us to NOT learn.

Women have been greatly affected by this masculinised world where so much value is placed on the external experience – achievements, the opinions of others, financial success, popularity, body image and so on. Being fixated with the external creates a certain type of complex in the unconscious mind of a little girl. She is so open and absorbing of the conditions around her that she begins to see her gender as “lacking something”. This sense of “less” is emphasized by ignoring the value of the feminine, and its vast infinite potential to create a blissful life.

My purpose here is to be a male-energy that you can trust to enter your sacred space with the utmost respect for the divine female that you are. When divine female, and divine male awareness merge together, the possibilities are simply infinite.

Unconditional Love Now Makes House Calls


The love and healing I get from Russ is like a warm light in my life.  Our time together of healing and feeling special as a person, deep down.  These ancient teachings really are “da’ bomb”…  I’ve never had such a warm and healing time with anyone in my whole life.

Sharon B.

Pacific Beach, California

Enabling Your Female Goddess

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